Upcoming Events

  • March 20-Anadama with Steve Howland calling

    20th Mar 2020 8:00:pm, at Tinmouth Community Center (Map)

    Bring your friends, come to Tinmouth to enjoy a fun night of dancing. All dances are taught. Beginner's session at 8.  You do not need a partner, just be willing to ask someone to dance.  Great music, all dances are called, great fun. See you Tinmouth!

  • April 20-Syrup Country with Luke Donforth calling

    17th Apr 2020 8:00:pm, at Tinmouth Community Center (Map)

    Hey Everyone-this is a great band-Guillaume, Ness and Clara-and a great caller - Luke Donforth- Don't miss it. Bring your friends, and come to Tinmouth, the town that time forgot...lovely venue with a nice sprung wooden floor, lots of space, beautiful part of the world. We are a welcoming dance community - all dances are taught, beginner's session at 8. You don't need a partner if you are willing to ask someone to dance. See you in Tinmouth.

Our Dance

danceIn 2005, several members of the small town of Tinmouth joined together to provide an opportunity for live music, social dancing, and community building. Ten years later, the dance is a staple in the community, and people travel from near and far to attend. We work to create a welcoming, positive community for all dancers, and to bring fresh and new musical talent to the stage each month. 

Tinmouth Contra Dances occur on the 3rd Friday of each month from September-May. Check the Upcoming Events above for specifics. The dance lasts from 8-11pm, and we charge $8 for teens, $10-$12 for adults, and nothing for children 12 and under! We start the dance with a walk through for beginner dancers.  We also have a yummy bake sale with goodies and drinks which is paid for by donations which benefit the dance. Plan to bring a pair of soft-soled shoes (to protect the wood floor), money for admission and bake sale treats, and an open-minded attitude.  Be ready to laugh and smile!

New Dancers Always Welcome!

Contra dancing is a social dance form, and we are always looking for new people to join the community. All dances are taught, and our dance begins with a newcomer lesson at 8:00pm. We welcome adults, children, families, couples, and individuals. No partner necessary!

Contra Dance Basics

musiciansContra dancing is a type of traditional American folk dance in which dancers choose partners and create long parallel lines that run up and down the hall. Each dance consists of a sequence of figures and moves that allows couples to progress either up or down their line. The sequence is repeated multiple times, eventually allowing each couple to dance with every other couple in their line.

Contra dances are accompanied by live music, typically from the traditional Celtic and New England traditions. The instrumentation ranges from traditional fiddle and guitar back-up to saxophone, bombard, and even didgeridoo! Each dance is first taught by a caller without music, and then danced to music.

These dances offer a family-friendly, smoke-free, alcohol free environment that welcomes people of all ages and ability levels.